Custom OS Road Map Plots

Custom OS Road Map Plots

Custom OS Road Map Plots - from A4 to A0 sized Sheets - emailed to you within minutes

We've set up a new product page where you can plot your own custom map areas using Ordnance Survey's 1:250,000 scale road mapping.

Custom Road Maps

The page works in the same was as all of our custom map plotting pages:

  • Enter a Place Name or Postcode
  • Click the map to re-centre
  • Select the desired page size to cover the area you need
  • That's it!

Check out the video below which shows how to use the website to plot a map:

Simply enter your email address, complete the checkout and we'll email you the map file typically within 30 minutes.

As with all our map files, these are set up as ready-to-print PDF files as standard: there's no need to work out the scale simply print the map at the page size (or take it to a local printer if it's a large sheet size) and press print.

If you'd like a larger or different size or some custom information on the map (postcodes, sales territory, company logo, etc.) you can contact us through the Custom Map Enquiry contact form here.

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