OS Aerial Imagery - Latest Edition Now Live!

OS Aerial Imagery - Latest Edition Now Live!

OS Aerial Imagery Update

The latest edition OS aerial imagery is now live across our system. This data set covers the whole of the UK and is aligned to the MasterMap topographical layer for a high degree of accuracy.

This product is ideal for identifying features which maybe more difficult or impossible to locate on a standard OS map - solar panels on roofs; a leaf canopy from a stand of trees; site entrances; etc.

We can supply OS aerial imagery as pdf, jpeg, or tif images here: OS aerial imagery. The process to plot is the same as for any other product: enter a postcode for a property and select the address using the dropdown list; adjust the map coverage by a). clicking the map to re-centre & b). selecting a different page size/ground coverage from the table to the right (or below the map on mobile devices).

When an area has been selected you'll see a box appears to the left of the green Product Options button which says 'Date Flown' (see image). This indicates when the data was captured and is the latest image that OS have for this area. Please note we only have one image for each area and do not keep versions of aerial imagery.

Aerial Imagery - Date Flown

The mapping is supplied at 1:2500 scale and the image files are just that - intended to be printed or used in a document - these are not geo-referenced for use in GIS. For geo-referenced files please read on.

For GIS users and those looking to cover larger areas using OS aerial imagery we recommend purchasing this data as geo-tif tiles here: OS Aerial Photography

Enter a place name or postcode to get to the area required then click the map to add the tiles to your list. Clicking on the space next to where you've selected a tile will add that one to your list, see the image for an illustration. The date flown appears in the list box next to the tile name in Step 3, again see the image for details.

Aerial Imagery - Tiles

For both products there are downloadable samples on the page which will give you an idea of how the map files will be supplied when you order.

As always if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll answer your imagery-related queries.


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